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Kind of adorable.

Thank you lifeaccordingtohan for tagging me! I’ve been feeling so down recently it’s nice to concentrate on something positive!

So here are the things I like about my body: 

• my Hands - I don’t know why but they have always been my favourite part of my body.

• my Bum - I know most girls like their bum but with my diet and gym regime my bum is starting to look awesome! Hard work pays off :)

• my Hair - normal girl thing I guess. I can’t explain it, I think id just feel lost without it! Plus I love dying it different colours!

• my Nails - I love that they are there and I can paint them and decorate them differently depending on my mood and that I can use then to express my personality :)

So I challenge everyone to write some things you love/ like about your bodies!



lifeaccordingtohan's follower giveaway!

I wanted to make a self care giveaway, but then I realised cats are self care so just went for cat related items!

Included above: 2 pairs of accessorise socks, 2 cat postcards, cat stickers which are tricky to see with the lighting, cat highlighters and a cat notebook (all the stationary is from paperchase! In case you wanted to know!)

-must be following me
-Reblog to enter
-You can enter as many times as you like- but please be considerate of your followers.
-The winner will be drawn at random on the on the 7th of September to celebrate my first tumblr birthday!
-You need to be allowed to give me an address to post it to
-I will send anywhere worldwide! -If you follow me on Instagram and twitter @hanlovescats I will add in an extra mystery prize!!

NB: I will choose again at random if the initial winner had content I strongly ethically disagree with e.g. Pro ana, pro harm and porn based blogs.

So I was supposed to choose a winner for this on the 7th, but have decided to extend it as the stuff is at my mums (which is over 4 hours away) so I’ll choose a winner when I’m back and let you all know then, so keep reblogging for now if you wish! Will prob be early/mid October!



Up and dressed in the morning for the first time in days/ weeks :)
Hoping today will be a good day! Xxx

You look so good! Proud of you :) xx


current status: not being kissed or riding a dragon this is unacceptable


Into The Woods | 2014 ()


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

Totally me right now :(